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ICC Note – Eritreans represent the third-largest fraction of the refugees flooding Europe. One of the main reasons for that is indefinite compulsory military service that can last decades. Eritrea is also one of the world’s worst offenders of violations against religious freedom and a chief persecutor of Christians. The Eritrean government uses compulsory military service and imprisonment to create a society where disobeying the rules makes you to be an enemy of the state. Along with military deserters and dissenting journalists, evangelical Christians are among the worst tortured and treated by this repressive regime.

12/2/15 Eritrea (BBC) – Conscription in Eritrea continues to be indefinite despite the government saying last year it would be limited to 18 months, Amnesty International says.

The compulsory service, which often lasts decades, is the main reason cited by those who flee the country.

Eritreans make up the third-largest number of migrants trying to reach Europe, after Syrians and Afghans.

Amnesty said European states are increasingly rejecting asylum requests despite the reality on the ground.

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