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ICC Note: In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Paris, the shifting tide of sentiment towards refugees fleeing from Syria means even less chance of support for Syrian Christians who were already in bad situation. The conflict and persecution on one side and the fear on the other, leaves them in the middle with dwindling aid and support.

11/16/2015 Middle East (Patheos) – With the terrible news of nearly 150 people killed in the Parisian terrorist attacks last week, the fate of thousands of Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq are further complicated.

It’s understandable. Lives are gone and families are changed forever. There is pain and anguish and the natural reaction is to begin to look for those responsible.  Every nation is reviewing how such a thing could happen — and what they need to do to prevent an occurrence within their own borders.

Persecuted: The stories are real

I’ve written about many of the stories – and there are more to come – of Christian refugees impacted by the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh brutality in Syria and Iraq. I met many of these people in a trip last month to Jordan. I met them in refugee camps, cramped apartments and in temporary quarters. The stories are real as their words poured out through tears and quivering lip.

They aren’t looking for money, but they are looking for a resolution to their homelessness. They cannot work in their host, refugee countries. They cannot return home for fear of their lives. They cannot immigrate since the U.S., Canada, Austrailia and other countries call them mere immigrants and not asylum-seeking seeking refugees. So they wait on the U.N. to bail them out. They are stuck.

One by one they asked, “Why won’t your government help us, the Christians?”

I tried to explain U.S. foreign policy to them – and I couldn’t even convince myself. If I were meeting them this week, my words would be even more complicated.

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