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ICC Note: In the midst of the violence and persecution of Christians coming from Islamic terrorist groups in Iraq, the daily practical discrimination and persecution continues on. A new law may force the conversion of Christian children – or other minorities – to Islam should their parents convert or if they marry a Muslim man. The implications of this law would be lifelong in a country where it is nearly impossible to convert away from Islam.

11/17/2015 Iraq (National Review) – On November 12, the very day the U.S. joined the military coalition Operation Free Sinjar against ISIS, Iraq enacted a law that will further victimize religious minorities, who have already endured horrific atrocities as the victims of ISIS genocide.

The National Card law’s Article 26 states: “Children shall follow the religion of a parent converted to Islam.” This applies to children if their mother marries a Muslim man or if either parent converts to Islam. Leaders representing the Assyrian, Yezidi, Mandean, Kakai, and Bahai religions suggested this logical addition: “Minors will keep their current religion until the completion of 18 years of age; then they have the right to choose their religion.”

These religious leaders walked out of Parliament in protest after Article 26 was passed without their change, 137 to 51. This new law imposes an extra burden on Yezidi and Christian girls and women who were forced to “marry” their ISIS captors and became pregnant. Are we going to allow them to be victimized yet again by requiring their children to adopt a religion that is not their own?

Even if parents basically ignore the law and raise their child in their faith, upon turning 18 these young adults will have to deal with the fact that their religion is officially listed as Islam. If they attempt to change that listing, they will be accused of apostasy and be subject to persecution or worse.

But objectionable though this is, why should the United States be obligated to intervene?


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