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ICC Note: The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris have demonstrated for the Western world the realities of what ISIS has been doing in the Middle East for years. The daily targeting of enemies with heavy weaponry or improvised explosive devises (IEDs) are a primary tool of Islamic terrorists in achieving their aims of an Islamic State where either all are Muslim or have accepted their terms.

11/18/2015 Middle East (One News Now) – A human-rights organization that tracks Christian persecution worldwide says the Paris terrorist attack shows the threat that Islamic State poses around the world.

Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern says the deadly attacks demonstrated that ISIS can operate beyond the Middle East region.

“Unfortunately an event like this,” he says, “is often what it takes for the broader world to realize the reality that Christians and other minorities in the Middle East Face on a daily basis.”

On the ICC website, the “Islam” section includes stories from Iraq and Syria, and a map showing the latest incidents of persecution.

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