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ICC Note: Across the Middle East, Christians are under threat and are looking for world leaders to defend them. The primary cause of persecution in the Middle East are radical Islamic groups. Christians in the Middle East and around the world are looking at the administration of President Obama and wondering what he has done and what he will do to provide them protection.

11/06/2015 Iraq (Fox News) – Radical ISIS snakes sliver outside Damascus, just miles from where God revealed himself to the Apostle Paul. The dead bodies of decapitated ISIS victims are rotting in Palmyra, the ancient city that Chronicles tells us was built by King Solomon. ISIS black flags now wave on the same streets where the Lord commanded Jonah to witness to the people of Nineveh. In the ancient Christian village of Sadad, an armed Christian militia will soon clash with ISIS jihadists that have overrun a neighboring city. Sadad is home to many Christian churches and its people even speak Christ’s native tongue: Aramaic.

While President Obama sits silently, the same soil that sustained our Biblical forefathers is now stained with blood. Anyone who who defies these evil Islamic radicals risks death. The White House abandons Christians and denies, disguises and hides the existence of Radical Islam, but I will not!

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