Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

A global radio ministry has asked for prayer for persecuted Christians in India. Over the past year, attacks on Christians has skyrocketed. Many attribute this change to the Hindu nationalist BJP taking over the government. For India’s estimated 28 million Christians, the past year has been very difficult and it doesn’t look like positive change will be coming any time soon. Remember to pray for these persecuted Christians. 

10/29/2015 India (OneNewsNow) – A global radio ministry that has been sharing the gospel in India for 25 years is asking for prayer for persecuted Indian Christians.

For the past several weeks, local militants have attacked Christians in two villages in the southeastern Indian state of Odisha, according to the Tide radio ministry. Director Don Shenk tells OneNewsNow that in one recent instance some of the Tide ministry’s listeners and friends were locked in a room for 15 hours, and it took the help of police to free them. In another district, militant villagers have given Christians one week to abandon their faith in Christ or face dire consequences.

“I’m inspired by the way that people in India stand up for their faith,” Shenk adds.  “And I pray that they continue to do that – that no amount of persecution will make them doubt or turn from God.”

Shenk also asks for prayer that the government in India will begin to protect religious freedom.

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