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ICC Note: The Kenyan army conducted military operations 112 miles inside Somalia in an effort to cut the supply lines of Al-Shabaab. Yantooy, a village on the banks of the Jubba river, had been a main supply line for the groups terrorist activities in the region. The operation accumulated 15 members of Al-Shabaab killed in action as the supply base was captured in the process. The region near the Kenyan border has been used for years as a staging point for kidnappings and other terrorist operations. The greatest of these being the killing of 148 students of Garissa University in Kenya where members of the Islamic group singled out Christian students and executed them on the spot.  

10/27/2015 Somalia (All Africa) – Kenyan soldiers killed 15 al-Shabaab fighters in a raid to capture a base 180 kilometers (112 miles) inside Somalia.

The assault on Yantooy, a town on the Jubba River, was aimed at disrupting militant supply lines from their headquarters at Jilib. Yantooy has been used as a staging point for cross-border attacks on Kenya.

“The attack happened early in the morning and we have no casualties from our side,” army spokesman Col. David Obonyo told Anadolu Agency.

“We managed to kill 15 al-Shabaab militants and captured Yantooy, which the militants were using as a base. The capturing of the base is vital for our operation to facilitate the easy capture of Jilib, which is currently the remaining al-Shabaab headquarters in the lower Shebelle.”

Two boats were also destroyed.

Obonyo said the attack was part of Operation Jubba Corridor, the ultimate goal of which is to capture Jilib.

Kenya sent troops to Somalia in 2011 following a spate of cross-border kidnappings of foreign tourists and aid workers. Al-Shabaab has vowed to carry out more attacks on Kenya’s soil unless it recalls its troops.

In April, the group killed 148 in an offensive on Garissa University, in the bloodiest attack by the group on Kenyan soil.

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