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ICC Note: At great risk, a group of citizens have been documenting the atrocities committed by ISIS militants in the city of Mosul. They took over the city in June 2014 and drove out nearly all non-Sunni Muslims. Even still they continue to whip, torture, and even behead those who do not abide by their strict interpretations of Islamic law and other social mandates.

10/27/2015 Iraq (Christian Today) – Hundreds of sickening instances of beheadings, amputations and torture in the Islamic State-controlled city of Mosul, considered as Iraq’s Christian heartland, for the period of September alone have been catalogued in a dossier by an activist group working in the city.

The dossier, which shows the brutality and terrifying life under ISIS rule, was written and compiled by the Mosul Eye, a community documenting life in one of Iraq’s ISIS dominated cities since the jihadist group seized the area in June last year, according to the Express.

From Sept. 1 to 30, a total of 455 people were executed by the terror group in Mosul alone. The information also indicated the location, ethnicity and religion of the victims.

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