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ICC Note: According to Morning Star NEws, a Christian mother of 8 was killed over the weekend on the account of her conversion to Christianity from Islam. Mamwikomba Mwanika died on her way to hospital after she was assaulted my Muslim males. Mrs. Mwanika’s husband, who is also Christian, has been receiving threats from the local Muslim community calling for him to stop professing his faith. He is the brother of Samson Nfunyeku, a Christian evangelist who was murdered on the road returning home from a religious debate with Islamic scholars. Uganda has seen a rise in violence against Christian converts as at least 5 cases have been reported in the past 8 months. 

10/26/2015 NairobiKenya (Morning Star News) – Muslims in eastern Uganda angry at a Christian for leaving Islam killed his wife on Monday (Oct. 19), a month after his brother was killed for the same reason, sources said.

Mamwikomba Mwanika, mother of three adult children and five others ranging in age from 17 to 9, died en route to a hospital after Muslims unknown to her dragged her from her home at about 9 p.m. and assaulted her, survivors said.

Mwanika answered a knock at her door in Kalampete village, Kibuku District, to find strangers asking for her husband. Her husband’s brother, Samson Nfunyeku, was killed in the village on Sept. 23 after flaring tempers cut short a religious debate he’d had with Islamic scholars.

Mwanika replied to the visitors that her husband was away, according to her children. They said one of the men at the door then told her, “Your husband has followed the religion of his brother, and we had warned you people to stop these activities, but our message has landed on deaf ears.”

The Muslims threatened to kill her if she failed to produce her husband, the children said.

“The attackers dragged our mother outside the house as she screamed and cried for help,” said her 13-year-old child.

Also present in the house were two daughters, 9 and 11; two other minor children were away at boarding school, and her adult children – 19, 22 and 24 – were also not at home.

Neighbors later came and found only the children inside the house, and soon Mwanika’s husband, George Mwanika, arrived. After a search, they found Mamwikomba Mwanika in a pool of blood 100 meters away. She was unconscious but appeared to be alive, George Mwanika told Morning Star News.

They rushed her to the hospital, and she was declared dead upon arrival, he said.

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