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ICC Note: A video has been released depicting the beheading of a South Sudanese Christian man at the hands of a terrorist affiliated with the Islamic State (IS). The terrorist claims to be acting in accordance with alleged misconduct by Christians against Muslims in South Sudan. However, at present time no cases have been reported or confirmed. Furthermore South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world (2011), has put into place an interim constitution which states the nation as a secular state. The video comes as what many would suggest to be the 4th this year depicting the execution of Christians. The first major incident occurred in February when 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded by ISIS, followed by 28 Ethiopian Christians in April, and just last month 3 Assyrian Christians presumably in Syria. the Islamic State continues their bloody reign to exterminate all Christians from both the Middle East and Africa. 

10/21/2015 JubaSouth Sudan (Morning Star News) – A group claiming affiliation with the Islamic State (IS) announced the beheading of a Christian from South Sudan in a video posted on Sunday (Oct. 18).

A masked man who carries out the killing in the video, presumably in Libya, states that he is defending Muslim brothers he claims were persecuted by South Sudan. The world’s youngest nation seceded from Sudan in 2011 and is embroiled in an ethnic civil war, but there is no record of any Muslims dying at the hands of Christians there.

In the video, which a group calling itself the Islamic State in Cyrenaica (eastern coastal Libya) released, the victim is identified in an inaudible voice, possibly as Kual Gai Wek, a native of South Sudan who has been living in Libya since 1989. His name does not appear to be Mohamed Al-Ghaid, as reported elsewhere.

The video also shows an enemy soldier, said to be Faraj Al-Saiti, being shot to death in the same area as the beheading. The identity of the South Sudanese Christian has not been verified, and it is unclear when the executions took place.

The IS figure accuses South Sudan of mistreating Muslims despite an interim constitution that defines the country as a secular state.

“Oh Christians in South Sudan, know that as you kill you will be killed, and as you displace our brothers we will do the same,” the masked man says. “No safety or shelter for you except that of the Islamic State … We will fight all of you as you fight us.”

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