Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: A priest who has been one of the leading figures in caring for the displaced people of Iraq shares how overnight 100,000 people fled their homes. As ISIS jihadists carried out a genocidal cleansing, entire villages of Christians and Mosul city were emptied of communities who had lived there for more than 1,500 years. Now, more than a year later many are fearful they will never return.

10/19/2015 Iraq (Express) – Father Douglas Bazi revealed how 100,000 Christians fled the Iraqi city of Mosul in one night after the jihadi fanatics embarked on a “genocidal” campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Giving a shocking insight into life under ISIS rule, the clergyman told how the Christian population of Iraq has been decimated from a high of two million in 2003 to just 180,000 today.

He also revealed how jihadi fighters summarily torture and kill the families of those who speak out against them and regularly use girl sex slaves to pay for basic services including medical care.

Mosul’s entire population was given a 24-hour ultimatum to either convert to ISIS’s radical brand of Islam or face beheading when the terror group captured the city in June last year.

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