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ICC Note: Two years ago, Cuban pastor Reverend Yiorvis Bravo’s home was targeted by government-led mobs. The home also served as the headquarters for a Protestant denomination called the Apostolic Movement, which is denied registration by the Cuban government. Two years later, Bravo continues to face threats of eviction and harassment as he calls upon the government to recognize him as the legal owner of the property.

10/15/2015 Cuba (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) – Two years after government orchestrated mobs to target his home, Reverend Yiorvis Bravo is renewing his call to the Cuban government to recognise his ownership of the property, which also serves as the headquarters of his denomination.

Reverend Bravo Denis has been fighting for two years for his right to be recognised as the legal owner of his home, which also acts as the national headquarters of the Apostolic Movement, a Protestant denomination which the government refuses to register. He and his family face the threat of eviction at any time.

This week Reverend Bravo Denis told Christian Solidarity Worldwide that state security officers continue to harass his friends and members of the church because of their connection to him, while his family has expressed concern at recent unexplained damage to the front of the home.

“We have a lot of questions, but we simply continue to pray and declare words of favour for the entire situation. It is necessary to keep pressuring [the government] through the media and human rights institutions and continuing to knock at every door that we come to on our path,” he said.

Reverend Bravo Denis also continues to wait for the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IAHRC) to issue its findings with regard to a Request for Precautionary Measures filed on 21 May on his behalf.

The law firm Poblete Tamargo, which represents Reverend Bravo Denis, told CSW that they are concerned at the length of time the IAHRC is taking. “While our client’s rights continue to be trampled by the communist government of Cuba, the Commission is taking an unusually long time reviewing this case. Our client hopes that the Commission, and other interested parties in Washington DC, will be a little more proactive,” said lawyer Jason Poblete.

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