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ICC Note: In March, Nigeria’s Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram pledged their loyalty to the brutal Islamic State ushering in what could be a dangerous alliance if both truly form on cohesive terrorist organization. To further their bloody pursuit of creating an Islamic caliphate, Boko Haram has been cited attempting to court the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab headquartered in Somalia. An evil triangle of Boko Haram, the Islamic State, and Al-Shabaab would be volatile concoction of extreme violence and religious persecution. It would potentially increase their chances to recruit new members and coordinate much larger terrorist attacks on Christian communities in not only Africa and the Middle East, but globally. 

10/15/2015 MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Fox News) –  Nigeria’s Boko Haram extremists are urging Somalia’s al-Shabab rebels to join them in pledging allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State group, and thus abandon al-Qaida.

Al-Qaida and Islamic State are rivals for jihadi recruits and the video posted on Twitter on Wednesday tells Shabab fighters that uniting “is of greater benefit to the struggle on the path of Islam” and will “help in defeating the infidels of the world.”

The appeal from an unidentified armed fighter is part of a wider courting of al-Shabab. Similar messages came nearly two weeks ago from militant extremists in Iraq, Sinai, Syria, and Yemen.

Al-Shabab has been losing ground in Somalia to a multinational African force but staged an April attack in neighboring Kenya that killed nearly 150 people at Garissa University.