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ICC Note: A new video confirms what had been leaked a few weeks ago, Christians in the Syrian town of Qaryatayn have been forced to sign a contract stating their rights as a minority or else face execution at the hands of Islamic extremists who have taken control of the town.

10/08/2015 Syria (Christian Post) – An Islamic State flag is seen near a barricade, which serves as protection from snipers of forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, April 10, 2015.
Christians in Syria are now being forced to sign a subservience contract or else be enslaved or killed, a new Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) video shows.
In the newly released footage, ISIS said they are giving Christians in Qaryatayn, Syria the choice to sign a subservience contract or else their men will be killed and the women and kids will be enslaved. The terrorist group conquered the town in August and is claiming that the choice they are giving the Syrian Christians is a display of their “kindness and generosity,” according to The Blaze.
The narrator in the new ISIS video said that the Syrian Christians can either embrace Islam or sign a “dhimma contract” that will establish them as inferiors to Muslims. While the jizya tax will still be imposed on them, they will be able to live safely under the ISIS’ rule, reports.
The new ISIS video also showed the militants ransacking a church and hurling a cross from the place, the report adds.
Aside from that, the narrator in the video delivered a special message to Christians in America and the rest of the countries in the West. The spokesperson vowed to spare them from any harm if they decide to convert to Islam.
The video, which was posted last weekend, was first reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Monday. The video urged ISIS supporters to fight people who do not believe in Allah until such time that they “are humbled” and voluntarily pay the jizya. MEMRI said the statement is quoted from the Koran.

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