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ICC Note: One Christian Chibok girl escaped from Boko Haram about two weeks ago, eventually finding herself in the hands of the joint task force assigned to defeat the terrorist group. While in military custody, she explained to them most of the girls were forced into marriage and conversion to Islam, while others were either shot or beheaded. According to her, there are about 59 girls left in the main camp. While imprisoned by Boko Haram, she was raped repeatedly, impregnated, and contracted venereal diseases. According to her, Boko Haram is in disarray, aimlessly moving around the region leaving IEDs and other explosives behind in order to slow down the military’s efforts. The Chibok girls have been missing since their abduction in April of 2014. 

10/13/2015 Nigeria (All Africa)–  There were indications weekend that many of the 200 girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok abducted in April 2014, are alive and holed up in the Lake Chad region of the North-East epicentre of the battle to dislodge Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria.

Sources disclosed to Saturday Vanguard that the girls who were relocated from the initial Sambisa Camps of the terrorists, following unrelenting bombardments by air and land operations, have been relocated to Lake Chad area with some of the girls spread along border communities.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that about two weeks ago, one of the abducted girls who was formerly kept in a Sambisa forest camp, escaped from the hands of the abductors and ran into the hands of some Fulani herdsmen. It was the Fulani herdsmen having confirmed that the girl was a Chibok girl, who assisted her to get to the Baga military base of the multi-national Joint Task Force.

At the Baga base, the escapee girl was said to have confessed that many of them were forcefully married to the terrorists who not only impregnated them but infected some of them with different diseases. On her part, she was not only impregnated, but she got the VVF disease from one of the terrorists.
According to the escapee, at the camp where she escaped from there were about 60 of the girls while others were shared and moved to border communities. Narrating more tales of woes on what the Chibok girls went through and are still going through in the hands of the terrorists, the source said though the Chibok girl had just put to bed, the VVF (Vesicant Virginal Fistula) disease with which she was infected by the terrorist had made her uncomfortable hence her decision to flee to seek for medical help, as she was repeatedly passing solid waste uncontrollably.

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