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ICC Note: The East African Islamic terrorist organization known as Al-Shabaab declared Wednesday that British troops arriving to support ground forces in Somalia would be welcomed with ‘bullets’. On September 28, Prime Minister David Cameron approved the deployment of 70 British special forces to Somalia in order to provide much needed support against Al-Qaeda affiliate. The Somali government in Mogadishu has been facing tough opposition from the terrorist group in recent months. Al-Shabaab is most well-known for its involvement in the attack of the Westgate mall in Kenya in September 2013, and its attack in April 2015 on Garissa University College where Christians were targeted for death

 10/08/2015 Somalia (All Africa) – Somalia’s Shabaab Islamists have threatened to “welcome with bullets” British soldiers due to be deployed in support of an African Union force. British Prime Minister David Cameron said last month that up to 70 troops would be sent to Somalia to support soldiers of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) without giving a date.

“We have been getting media information that the Christian government of Britain is sending forces to Somalia to strengthen the invading infidel forces already on the ground,” said Shabaab spokesperson Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage late on Tuesday on an Islamist radio station.

“They will not make any difference,” he said.

“Our ancestors fought the British colonialists before and we will take the same path. They will be welcomed with bullets… God willing their beheaded bodies strewn around the streets will be shown [on jihadist websites].”

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