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ICC Note: Yunnan province, China is experiencing a miraculous success through the Gospel Rehab Center where Chinese Christians are taking drug addicts from the region and placing them on a simple regime towards recovery. According to Xu Chengyun, patients have a three daily routines consisting of routine prayer, worship, and hours of Bible class. Xu and the other employees at the rehab center are not trained doctors or counselors, but they rely strictly on the power of prayer and their personal faith.  

10/02/2015 YUNNAN PROVINCE, China (CBN) – The Chinese government is known for keeping secrets, but that changed when it revealed this summer that drug use has now spread into 90 percent of the country.

To battle this epidemic, residents of one Chinese province are relying on prayer to help addicts kick the habit.

CBN News traveled to the southwest part of Yunnan Province, near the border of China and Myanmar. Nestled at the foothills of a mountain range lies a unique drug rehabilitation program that is mixing prayer and Bible study to change the destiny of addicts.

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