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ICC Note: Parcel bombs rocked Guangxi province killing six people and injuring dozens. 15 locations were targeted across the province from government buildings to hospitals. Local authorities are advising locals to not open any packages received. Investigation is ongoing as to the culprit for the explosion however, early theories suggest political dissidents. Islamic extremists should not be ruled out as they have recently laid claim to the murder of an Italian citizen in Bangladesh. The Chinese government has continued to repress and regulate religious minorities in the Communist nation including Tibetans who have preformed acts of terrorism on Chinese soil.  

09/15/2015 Beijing (AsiaNews) – At least six people were killed and dozens more injured as a series of explosions rocked fifteen locations across Guangxi province’s Liucheng county, Liuzhou city, on Wednesday afternoon, Chinese media reported. The blasts occurred at the seat of Liucheng county and the surrounding areas, with the first being heard at about 3.50pm, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Five victims died at the scene, while one died in hospital. Rescuers have been rushed to scene of the bomb blasts in Liuzhou city, in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Initial investigations showed that explosives could have been hidden inside express delivery packages.

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