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ICC Note: While visiting the United States Pope Francis prayed for those who lost their lives in Mecca as 769 people were crushed to death on September 22nd. Catholics in Asia have joined the pope in calling for prayer for the friends and families of those who died that day. Among the dead were Muslims from various Asian countries including Indonesia, the most populace Muslim country in the world,  and the Philippines. 

09/30/2015 Asia (UCA News) – Catholics in Asia have joined Pope Francis in praying for Muslim pilgrims killed in the recent stampede near the holy city of Mecca even as they remain critical of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi officials said at least 769 people were crushed to death Sept. 22 during the final days of the annual hajj when Muslims ritually stone the devil in Mina, where Satan is believed to have tempted Abraham, situated about five kilometers from Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims are expected to undertake the pilgrimage at least once in their lives, with an estimated 2 million attending this year.

News reports describe the incident as the worst disaster to strike the Muslim pilgrimage center in a quarter century.

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