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ICC Note: Chinese protesters including members of the religious minority group Falun Gong, welcomed president Xi in Seattle with banners decrying forced organ harvesting to against “heavenly principles”. Members of the Falun Gong, Tibetans, and Uighurs have been imprisoned and persecuted for their religious beliefs and ethnicity for many years. Among those imprisoned, reports from Chinese dissidents and prisoners of conscience claim the Chinese government forcefully removes the organs of Falun Gong prisoners and other minority groups. the Chinese government continues to persecute and restrict the movements of religious minorities who do not adhere to state standards. 

09/29/2015 Washington, DC (China Aid) — Hundreds of people, including Tibetans, Chinese, Uighurs, Taiwanese and supporters protesting against human rights abuses in China greeted President Xi Jinping in Seattle on September 22, in demonstrations against China’s leader during his week-long U.S. visit.

In downtown Seattle, a crowd supporting Falun Gong, a religious group that says it is repressed in China, waved signs against what it called China’s treatment of prisoners’, calling for “Stop force live organ harvesting in China.”

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