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ICC Note: The visit of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to address the UN General Assembly in New York City, while his country holds Americans in prison, including Pastor Saeed Abedini adds further insult to injury. Pastor Saeed is held on charges related to meeting with other Christians while living in Iran, his home country, in 2000-2005. The United States has negotiated and reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear program while Pastor Saeed and other Americans remain in prison, suffering abuse for trumped up charges.

09/27/2015 Iran (CDN) – The Democrats have been taking a victory lap to celebrate their nuclear deal with Iran. President Obama called the deal “historic,” while Nancy Pelosi described it rhapsodically as a “diplomatic masterpiece.” Even Secretary of Energy Earnest Moniz, who assisted John Kerry with the discussions in Vienna, hopped onto the late night circuit to celebrate, making an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Night.”
As all this took place, American pastor Saeed Abedini was beaten and tortured in Iranian prison after being imprisoned three years ago for the crime of simply being a Christian. This tragedy represents what is perhaps the biggest failure in a long list of shortcomings of the Iran deal.
Four Americans are being held prisoner in Iran; not one of them was freed during the months of negotiations between Iran and the United States. All four were arrested for questionable crimes, and none was given due process. The fourth prisoner is technically listed as disappeared, but many believe he is being held by the Iranian government.
To make things worse, the president of Iran is scheduled to speak at the United Nations in New York City on Monday.
While four Americans languish in Iranian prisons, the U.N. will welcome the man responsible with open arms and celebrate the “historic” Iran deal.

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