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ICC Note: As Europe battles with political and humanitarian responses about the refugee crisis, lost amongst the debate for many are the many Christians who are fleeing acute persecution, within the midst of ongoing war and conflict. Christians and other religious minorities have been explicitly targeted, threatened with death if they do not convert or pay a tax. Many are now searching for refuge but wondering where they can turn.

09/17/2015 Middle East (The Irish Catholic) – Lost amidst all the analysis and coverage of the refugee/migrant crisis has been the fate of Middle Eastern Christians trying to flee their ancient ancestral homes.
Last year when the monstrous and barbaric ISIS took over great slabs of northern Iraq we learnt that they had presented the Christians of Mosul, the country’s second biggest city, with three choices; convert, pay a punitive tax or flee. If they did none of these things they would be killed.
This has been the choice presented to Christians wherever ISIS has taken over. In Iraq many Christians have fled into the Kurdish-controlled areas of the country.
In Syria they are either hiding inside the country itself or have fled into Jordan, or more likely Lebanon.
The expulsion of the Christians from Mosul did get some coverage, but if truth be told not all that much. It received far less coverage, for example, that the seizure of schoolgirls in Nigeria by Boko Haram, another fanatical Islamist group. The girls remain in captivity. Many have been forcibly ‘married’ off to Boko Haram fighters.
Michelle Obama drew attention to their plight. So did every second celebrity, it seemed. But the main reason for the attention these very high profile people paid to these victims of Boko Haram was not that they were Christians, but that there were girls.

For the sake of consistency you would have imagined that the same level of attention would have been paid to the kidnapping of seemingly thousands of Yazidi women and girls in Iraq by ISIS, again to be made little more than sex slaves.

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