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ICC Note: Christians who often face the most difficult kinds of persecution are those who leave Islam to follow Christ. Two Muslim assailants brutally raped and beat a 19-year-old student in Uganda because her parents left Islam, leaving her for dead, according to Morning Star News. In another heart-wrenching account, one woman who came to Christ out of Islam has faced threats from her own family to kill her and take away her children. These cases clearly demonstrate the cost of following Christ in Muslim-majority pockets of East Africa.

09/18/2015 NairobiKenya (Morning Star News) – Three men beat and raped a 19-year-old Catholic woman in Uganda last week, sources said.

The student at St. Mary’s Teachers College in Bukedea, in the district of the same name about 50 miles from Mbale in Eastern Uganda, said she was returning from class on Sept. 9 when she was ambushed by three masked men who indicated they knew that her parents had left Islam.

“I tried to scream, but one blocked my mouth and another slapped me as they forcefully dragged me off the footpath,” said the woman, whose name is withheld. “I heard one of them telling the others that I should be killed because my parents deserted Islam. But another said, ‘But we are not sure whether this girl is a Christian.’”

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