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ICC Note:

Police in India’s Odisha state arrested an elderly Christian after the Christian was falsely accused of forcefully converting people to Christianity. The Christian community of Odisha state have experienced some of the worst persecution in India’s history, including the 2008 anti-Christians riots that went on for four months and left almost 100 Christians dead and another 56,000 displaced. The elderly Christian was released from police custody but continues to experience threats from local radicals and local authorities. 

9/14/2015 India (Worthy News) – Last month, local police escorted a mob that stormed the home of a 70 year-old man in India’s Odisha state, assaulting all the Christians who were inside.

According to Barnabas Aid, Pastor Sushil Lima — who was visiting an elderly Christian in Kanheipur village — was arrested on false charges of performing forced conversions and of creating tensions within the local population. Police released Lima later that night, but only after threatening him with even more violence.

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