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ICC Note: As conflict continues to rage in Syria, its Christian community continues to search for refugee. It is increasingly difficult for them to stay in Syria, but they find their options limited to legally leave the country. Some risk their lives to cross to Europe, others to overcrowded camps in Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere. With a war zone behind them, they need a safe way out.

09/08/2015 Syria (ABC) Australia is being urged to help create a safe passage for minority groups stranded as refugees in Syria and surrounding countries.
President of the Australian Christian Syrian Association Christine Hanna said it was all well and good for Australia to increase its Syrian refugee intake, but many people, especially the Christians, were finding it extremely hard to flee to another country.
“They need a way out basically, so risking your life to get out is one thing. We need a safe way to get out,” she said.
“Many of the surrounding countries have closed their borders.
“As a community we are telling our families back home to get out, but when they get out, they cannot register with the United Nations due to the overwhelming numbers.

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