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Gracious God, we place before you our
sisters and brothers in Iraq.
They are numbed and almost
immobilized by the horrendous
violence they have experienced.

We can hardly imagine the intense
sadness and grief, the confusion and
anger that dominate their own
thoughts and prayers this day.
We know that it is you who can turn
minds to thoughts of peace.
Your Spirit can change hearts. Even
enemies begin to speak to one another
and nations seek the way of peace

Your Spirit is at work when
understanding puts an end to strife,
when hatred is quenched by mercy, and
vengeance give way to forgiveness.
For this we never cease to thank you, for
the presence and action of that Spirit in
the world.

We simply place our family in Iraq in
your tender and loving care.
We pray this in the name of our brother
Jesus. Amen.

(Prepared by the Dominican Iraq Coordinating Committee USA)