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ICC Note: On September 5, an unidentified individual threw a firebomb into the Chapel at Crosspoint in Getzville, New York. The bomb resulted in a fire, causing the church’s sprinklers to activate, which inspectors estimated caused “up to $10,000 in water damage.” Although the suspect has not yet been identified, an investigation is currently underway and police are considering whether or not the incident may be classified as a hate crime.

By Heather Clark

09/06/2015 United States (Christian News Network) – Police in New York are investigating after a firebomb was thrown inside of a door at a non-denominational church on Saturday.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. as a yet unidentified suspect threw a Molotov cocktail threw a glass door at the Chapel at Crosspoint in Getzville. The explosive then started a fire in the vestibule, which set off the sprinkler system and flooded the entryway.

The Getzville Fire Department and the Amherst Police Department responded to the four-alarm incident, according to assistant Police Chief Charles Cohen.

“The fire inspectors office determined up to $10,000 in water damage,” he said.

Police are now looking at surveillance footage from both the church and area businesses to obtain clues as to who might have thrown the explosive at the church. Officials are also considering whether the act can be considered a hate crime.

“There’s no way to stop it from happening again except for catching the person who did it this time,” Police Captain Captain Enzo Villalta told WIVB-TV. “We will conduct our investigation. It’s a very serious matter anytime somebody uses a firebomb particularly to religious facility.”

Services are still scheduled to move forward this morning at the Chapel at Crosspoint despite the incident.

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