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The survivors of the 2008 anti-Christian riots that swept across parts of India’s Odisha state are demanding justice from India’s President, Pranab Mukherjee. In 2008, anti-Christian violence broke out in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, then known as Orissa, after the leader of a Hindu nationalist group was shot and killed. Hindu extremists blamed the murder on Christians, sparking mob violence that led to an estimated 56,000 people being displaced. Now, 7 years later, many of the survivors of this violence are yet to received any form of justice. 

9/2/2015 India (UCANews) – Survivors of an anti-Christian riot in eastern India have sought President Pranab Mukherjee’s intervention for justice saying the state has failed to punish the guilty and compensate for losses seven years after the deadly violence.

“We are approaching the president because he is the head of state,” Father Ajay Kumar Singh, a rights activist who works with survivors of the riots, told Sept. 2.

“The president has constitutional powers to intervene and ensure justice for citizens,” he said. “We hope he will exercise his powers to help our hapless people.”

An official memorandum was sent to the president’s office Aug. 31, when thousands demonstrated to mark the anniversary of the riot in Odisha state’s Kandhamal district. Some 5,000 people marched through the district’s main Raikia town demanding justice for victims.

The 2008 anti-Christian violence engulfed more than 600 villages and killed more than 90 people, including disabled and elderly people, children and women. Some 350 churches and 6,500 houses were looted and burned down, making 56,000 people homeless, according to the memorandum sent to the president’s office.

The “shoddy investigation” of the police and “intimidation of the witnesses” resulted in most of those charged being acquitted. This “has led people to losing faith in the justice system”, it said while also demanding a judicial enquiry by the Supreme Court into all 3,330 riot-related complaints lodged at police stations.

The violence was “engineered, directed, instigated and operationalized” by right-wing groups backed by some political parties, asserted the memorandum prepared by Kandhamal Nyaya Shanti O Sadbhabana Samaj, an organization of survivors and civil society leaders fighting for redress.

During the riots, crimes including “rapes were carried out in front of police personnel and some of the police officers belonging to Christian communities were instructed to take no action”. This meant that government officials acquiesced to the violence, the organization said while demanding punishment for erring officials.

The anti-Christian rioting was sparked by the gunning down in Aug. 23, 2008 of a Hindu spiritual leader, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, 85, and four of his associates. Hindu extremists blamed Christians for the murders even though Maoists at that time had claimed responsibility for the deaths.

The killings unleashed a reign of terror the following day that lasted for four months. The state had also witnessed an earlier round of anti-Christian violence during Christmas 2007.

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