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ICC Note: As previously reported, on August 12 a man attacked six Christians with a cleansing agent as they were conducting a pro-life outreach outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic. According to the Christians, a police officer on the scene was more concerned with protecting the attacker and never checked to make sure that the victims were alright. The City of Portland is currently investigating the matter.

By Heather Clark

08/25/2015 United States (Christian News Network) – Officials in Portland, Oregon are investigating a police officer who failed to take action against a man who attacked six Christians with a cleansing agent earlier this month while pronouncing them all “scum.”

As previously reported, the incident took place on August 12 outside of the Portland Planned Parenthood facility as over 20 Christians participated in a pro-life outreach that was a part of the Biblical Church Evangelism Conference hosted by Beaverton Grace Bible Church and organized by its pastor, Chuck O’Neal.

As they stood on the public sidewalk to proclaim the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and the holding of signs, a man who is believed to have brought a woman to the facility began yelling at the Christians and then blanketed half of dozen of them with scouring powder.

“Somewhere he got ahold of a very large canister of Comet and then he came around the building and went to one of our ladies and pronounced her ‘scum’ and doused her with this can of Comet head to toe,” O’Neal told Christian News Network. “He continued down the line … and he said, ‘And you, and you, and you ,’ pronouncing them all scum and shaking out Comet on each one.”

When O’Neal was told by other participants what was taking place, he went to talk to the man, but was likewise blanketed with scouring powder.

“I approached the man, and he proceeded to douse me with the Comet as well, getting it in my eyes and on my clothes,” he recalled. “I was warning him that this was assault … and calling upon him to stop and to repent and turn to Christ.”

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