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ICC Note: As Christians are seeking a place of safety from the intense persecution in the Middle East, some European countries are beginning to open their doors. The continuing conflicts in Syria and Iraq have pushed migration and displacement to its highest levels since World War II. Slovakia has said that it will take Christians who as a state with a Christian heritage they feel they will be able to welcome and care for.  

08/21/2015 Middle East (EUobserver) EU member states with a Roman Catholic heritage are showing a preference for taking in Christian migrants, despite their obligations under EU law.
The Slovakian government was the latest to issue a statement.
Its interior ministry told EUobserver on Thursday (20 August) that it’s “not a discriminatory country” and that “if some Muslim people come to Slovakia and decide to stay in our country and ask for asylum, they will be [put] in [a] normal asylum process”.
But it added that, in practice, Muslims don’t want to live there and end up moving on to EU states with larger Muslim communities.
“In Slovakia, we have a really tiny community of Muslim people. We even don’t have mosques. That’s the reason we want to choose people who really want to start a new life in Slovakia. And Slovakia, as a Christian country, can really help Christians from Syria to find a new home in Slovakia”.
Its comment comes as EU institutions prepare to start relocating the first asylum seekers from Greece and Italy, as well as UN-registered refugees from camps in the Middle East, around Europe in September.

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