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ICC Note: India’s National Human Rights Commission has spoken out regarding the alleged mishandling of the investigation into the rape of a Catholic nun. The attack took place in June, yet according to reports, police have still not made any arrests. The human rights group reports that there were many failures in the investigation, including the failure to secure the crime scene and the failure to offer the victim compensation.

08/21/2015 India (UCAN India) – India’s National Human Rights Commission has accused police and government officials of mishandling the investigation into the rape of a Catholic nun.

The commission found several deficiencies in the official investigation, including failing to secure the crime scene and failing to examine possible physical evidence that could have helped identify the assailants.

The commission also said that the Chhattisgarh state government failed to offer the victim compensation, legal aid or psychological counseling as required under Indian law. The commission said in an Aug. 20 statement that it was seeking an explanation within six weeks from police and the state government about alleged missteps in the investigation.

The nun, a Salesian, was raped early June 20 by two masked men who broke into her room, drugged her and tied her up.

The incident in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, spurred a series of protests across the state demanding swift action by police in arresting the culprits. Outrage among the Christian community spread to the nation’s capital of Delhi.

However, two months after the incident, police are no closer to an arrest.

Raipur police superintendent Badrinarayan Meena told that police have interrogated “some 200 people” but have not made an arrest.

Meena said he had not seen the commission’s statement and declined to respond directly to the allegations.

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