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ICC Note:  The appeal to lift the travel ban on South Sudanese pastors Michael and Peter has failed, according to sources.  After being released from prison last Wednesday after the judge acquitted them of the major charges, including espionage, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) barred the pastors from returning to their families in South Sudan due to a travel ban that was issued when they were originally arrested.  The pastors appealed the ban, but the appeal failed, forcing the pastors to remain in Sudan.  

By Hannah Tooley

8/10/15, Sudan (Premier Christian Radio) – Two South Sudanese pastors accused of waging war against the state in neighbouring Sudan and were released from prison have lost an appeal to have their travel ban lifted.

The appeal to lift it was rejected after it came to light that the country’s security services imposed the ban.

Revd Yat Michael and Revd Peter Reith were released from prison in Sudan last week but were unable to leave the country, they were first arrested in December 2014 and January 2015 respectively.

Both men, from the Presbyterian Evangelical Church, had been accused of undermining the constitutional system of the Sudanese Penal Code; waging war against the state; disclosure and receipt of official information or documents; arousing feelings of discontent among regular forces; breach of public peace; and offences relating to insulting religious beliefs.

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