Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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In Pakistan, Christian women are forced to face a form of double persecution. Christian women are targeted by Muslim men for abduction, rape and forced conversions to Islam that are often followed by forced marriages to their abduc­tors. Christian women are most vulnerable to this growing issue while working as domestic workers in Muslim homes, as field workers on farms or as laborers at brick kilns.

In response, ICC established several Save Our Sisters vocational training centers in Pakistan in 2012. These centers have helped Christian women learn a skilled profession that enables them to establish a small business of their own that they can run out of the safety of their own home. On June 19, 30 Christian women graduated from two of ICC’s Save Our Sisters vocational training centers. These women completed the 10-month training program learning how to become expert seamstresses and business­women. During the graduation, the women received a certificate of completion and items they will need to start their very own small business.

Thank you to all those who donate to ICC’s Save Our Sisters fund. With your donations, we are truly helping change the lives of many Christian women in Pakistan by allowing them to become the masters of their own destiny.