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ICC Note:  A former Muslim imam in Ethiopia retells the miraculous story of his conversion to Christ, as well as the societal backlash he faced after his conversion.  Tofik, who trained to be an imam for 24 years, was constantly taught that Christians were evil.  After seeing Jesus in a dream, Tofik’s entire life was changed, as he became a new person in Christ.  His conversion though, was not readily welcomed by his family and friends, as many viewed him as good as dead.  This is the amazing story of Tofik and his faith in Christ.

By Lauren Gunias

7/31/15, Ethiopia (World Watch Monitor) – U.S. President Barack Obama visited Kenya and Ethiopia 24-28 July, partly to discuss regional security. In Kenya especially, Christians have been targeted by the violent al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab.

In the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on 28 July, making an American president’s first speech to the African Union, Obama said “Many of these groups claim the banner of religion, but hundreds of millions of African Muslims know that Islam means peace.”

For millions of Muslims, that may be true. For one Muslim cleric, it was not. This is his story.

Tofik grew up in Islamic schools and became an imam in his East African village.  Several deeply personal revelations brought him to Christianity, at the risk of his life. In the Horn of Africa as in some other Islamic societies, a former Muslim who becomes Christian is at great risk. World Watch Monitor therefore is not using Tofik’s actual name, and in the following videos, his face is obscured.

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