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Pakistan “. . .”

It truly is “Persecution Central.” There are other bloodier spots currently, but year-in, year-out, this country is the poster boy for Islamic persecution of Christians. I have been to almost 60 countries, and it is the only place I’ve visited where I walked around in fear. I was on edge the whole time. You could feel something in the air … a presence. It was the opposite of what you encounter when you walk into a room or church and the presence of God is there.

The Word talks about the evil spirits controlling large regions of the earth. I am convinced the presence I and others have sensed is that controlling spirit of the region. Christians have been brutalized there for 1,000 years, ever since the Muslim kings traveled eastward in their campaigns starting around the year 1,000. Reaching India and Pakistan, their firsthand accounts tell of mind-boggling numbers of deaths as they slashed their way through these lands.

Reputable historians have estimated they may have killed as many as 70,000,000 people in an attempt to subjugate these lands. It is hard to describe the culture of extreme oppression and subjugation that Christians live under in Pakistan. Think of the old South on steroids, with the hatred fueled by religious zeal, and you will begin to get a feel for the place. This is why we work extensively in Pakistan, and you should target it in prayer and with your giving. I can tell you that there are some very exciting large-scale developments going on there that must stay private. Let me just say that I feel “Aslan is on the move” there.

Until He comes, let us take up the sword of righteousness on behalf of those behind enemy lines. We will bandage the victims and attack the gates of Hell with the Gospel because … They will fall!!!

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