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ICC Note: A Czech foundation mad e a request to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic back in Februaray listing 152 Iraqi Christians that should be granted asylum in the small European nation. The list of names is made up of those who have been persecuted at the hands of ISIS and other extremists. If this deal works out then it may open the door for more refugees in the future.

07-28-2015 Iraq (Prague Post): The Generace 21 foundation wants to bring 152 Christian refugees from Iraq who have been persecuted by the Islamic State militants to the Czech Republic, it handed their list to the Government Office and it only needs the approval of Czech authorities, its representatives said today.

In February, people from the Czech foundation talked to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka about the plan. “The meeting gave us the feeling that this project may succeed,” the foundation’s head Jan Talafant said.

The foundation is ready to cover the costs of the transfer of the refugees to the Czech Republic and the first year of their stay in the country. It can provide accommodation for all the refugees who would be integrated into Czech society, its representatives said.

They said further persecuted Christians from Iraq could come to live in the Czech Republic if this transfer is successful.

Jan Dezort, one of the organizers of the project, said it has not been clear yet whether the 152 Iraqi Christians could be included among the refugees whom the Czech Republic promised to accept from Middle East refugee camps within the plans that the European Union agreed on.

“The list includes families who lost their homes and husbands who lost their jobs, and family members were killed in some cases,” Dezort said about the Iraqi Christians who might settle in the Czech Republic.

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