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ICC Note:  23 people were killed by Boko Haram and at least 9 were burnt to death on Monday in an assault in Cameroon.  The grisly attack was carried out against students and villagers in Kamouna Village in the north.  The attack in Cameroon, a predominantly Christian country, comes just after Nigerian President Buhari spoke with U.S. President Obama on strategies to eliminate Boko Haram.  Since being inaugurated, Buhari has led the multi-national task force of West African counties against Boko Haram, which include Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon.  Since the assembly of this task force, all of the member countries have experienced vicious Boko Haram attacks, each time claiming the lives of Christians and Muslims alike.

By Vasudevan Sridharan  

7/21/15, Cameroon (International Business Times) – Nigeria-based Boko Haram Islamists burnt several students and villagers alive in Cameroon just days before the multi-national African task force was set to begin their operations against the militants.

Local reports suggest at least nine pupils were burnt to death when the insurgents stormed the Kamouna village in northern Cameroon. The bodies of the children were later found in a bush. At least 23 people were killed in all during the attack.

The seven troops who were present when the militants struck the village were quickly overpowered. About 80 Islamists were said to be part of the attack on the village, which lies in the bordering region between Nigeria and Chad.

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