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ICC Note: Lord George Weidenfeld was only 5 years old when he was rescued by British Christians from Austria during the Nazi’s genocidal rule. As a Jew saved by Christians, the Barron in Britain now feels he has a debt to repay to Christians. The 95-year-old has established a mission to save over 2,000 Christians fleeing the brutalities of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Weidenfeld, though familiar with Nazi atrocities, has called ISIS’s actions completely unprecedented.

07-17-2015 Iraq/Syria (Christian Post): A Jewish Barron in Britain, who was rescued by Christians from his homeland of Austria during the Holocaust in 1938, says he has a favor to repay. He has established an effort to rescue over 2,000 Christians at risk of being killed by the Islamic State terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria.

Ninety-five-year-old Lord George Weidenfeld once faced very similar circumstances as Christians in Iraq and Syria — the possibility of being martyred simply for one’s faith.

Fortunately for Weidenfeld, he benefited from a group of caring English Quakers and Plymouth Brethren who took it upon themselves to evacuate Weidenfeld and other Jewish children to the U.K. to ensure their safe escape from the grips of genocidal Nazi Germany.

Weidenfeld, who was knighted in 1969 and recognized as a life peer in 1976, told The Times that when he first arrived in Britain as a 5-year-old, he had no more than a few shillings to his name but was provided clothes and food by Christians.

Now that Weidenfeld is the millionaire owner of Weidenfeld & Nicolson publishing company, he feels he has a “debt to repay” to Christians now in the crosshairs of the Islamic State’s jihadi mission to kill or convert all non-believers.

Even though persecution at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was far-reaching and killed about 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews, Weidenfeld asserted that the brutality displayed by the Islamic State is “unprecedented.”

“IS is unprecedented in its primitive savagery compared with the more sophisticated Nazis,” Weidenfeld said. “When it comes to pure lust for horror and sadism, they are unprecedented. There never was such scum as these people.”

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