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ICC Note: Three Christians of African descent have been kidnapped by the Islamic State affiliates in Libya. An Egyptian, Nigerian and Ghanaian were announced abducted by the extremists when their passport pictures were published along with the announcement. They were taken southeast of Sirte, in a place called Noufliyah. According to a family friend, negotiations for ransoms for the Egyptian captive are under way.

07-20-2015 Libya (NSNBC): The Islamic State group (IS) announced Sunday on social media that it has kidnapped three Christian Africans in Libya; an Egyptian, Ghanaian and Nigerian, posting their passport pictures.

“The three were kidnapped from Noufliyah in the southeast of the city of Sirte, Libya,” a Libyan resident told Al-Arabiya

The Christian Egyptian name is Bikhet Nageh, 21, from Sohag governorate of Upper Egypt. He was working in Barcaei in eastern Libya, people close to Nageh told Youm7 Sunday.

Nageh’s family refused to provide any details about the incident nor the date of his traveling to Libya or the nature of his work.

Security sources in Sohag told Youm7 that they have received no data about the kidnapped young man, while a close person to the family said that negotiations to release the Nageh in exchange for money are in process.

In January, IS kidnapped 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya’s city of Sirte and released a video of their beheading in February.

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