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ICC Note: Militant Islamist terror cell Boko Haram is capping off the Muslim Ramadan celebration with more bloodshed. Twin suicide bombing attacks rocked Damaturu, where two female attackers blew themselves up during prayer for the Muslim festival of Eid, killing nine people. One of the bombers was reportedly a ten-year-old girl. Eid marks the end of the Islamic holiday month where Boko Haram has gone on a rampage, opening fire on whole villages, burning buildings, employing suicide attacks and targeting prayer services.

7/17/15 Damaturu, Nigeria (BBC) – At least nine people have died in explosions at prayers for the Muslim festival of Eid in the Nigerian town of Damaturu, the army says.

The two female suicide bombers included a 10-year-old girl, said Nigerian army spokesman Colonel Sani Usman.

An eyewitness told AFP news agency that there were two blasts at a venue where security volunteers were waiting for worshipers to turn up.