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Iraq: Churches In Mosul Converted To Mosques By IS

ICC Note: The Islamic State in Mosul has transformed a once famous Chaldean church into a mosque. The Chaldean Church of St Joseph was once a historical church for Christians in Mosul. Since IS’s invasion of Mosul, the Christian population has all but been driven out leaving empty building like the aforementioned church. The new mosque is believed to be named after Abu Abdulrahman el-Bilawi, an IS commandeer killed by Iraqi police.

07-15-2015 Iraq (Ankawa): The Chaldean Church of St Joseph in Mosul has been turned into a mosque by IS/ Daish. The Chaldean church dedicated to St Ephrem has also been converted. The jihadists have been established in the city since last June, turning it into the capital of their self-declared Islamic Caliphate.

Some pictures of the place of worship show that the dome has been painted black, and the church – situated in the district of Maidan, in the historic city – has been stripped of all crosses and Christian symbols and images. The mosque seems to have been named after Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, an Iraqi commander of Daesh killed by Iraqi police.

The church of St Joseph was a historic church in Mosul, but in recent years, due to the decrease of priests and faithful recorded after the US-led military intervention, Mass was celebrated only once a month and pilgrimages took place during the feast days of St Joseph.

After the conquest of Mosul by jihadists, all the Christians in the city were forced to flee and many of them live as refugees in Ankawa, a suburb in Erbil.

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