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ICC Note:  Militants attacked a passenger bus and its military envoy near the town of Mpeketoni, Kenya on Tuesday.  The militants used grenades and high grade weapons in the attack.  Miraculously, reports suggest that none of the passengers were hurt.  The assault was carried out near the Kenya-Somalia border, where al-Shabaab attacks have become frequent.  In 2014, an al-Shabaab attacked Mpeketoni, killing almost 100.  This recent episode adds to the long list of violent actions by militants against civilians and military personnel in Kenya.  Al-Shabaab has promised to increase attacks on Christians during the Muslim holiday month of Ramadan.

7/7/15, Mombasa, Kenya (AFP) – Heavily-armed militants on Tuesday have attacked a convoy of passenger buses and their army escorts in the Lamu region of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast near the border with Somalia, officials and witnesses said.

The attack took place near the town of Mpeketoni, which has been the scene of previous raids and massacres carried out by the Somali-led and Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shabaab Islamist group.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties.


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