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ICC Note:

In November 2014, a Christian couple living near Lahore, Pakistan was brutally beaten and burned alive after being accused of committing blasphemy. The couple left behind four children whose futures seemed dim following the murders of their parents. With the support of the Christian community, the children have been recovering from the trauma of losing their parents and are now doing well in school. Please continue to pray for these children and others like them across the world. 

7/8/2015 Pakistan (Asia News) – The four children of Shama and Shahzad Masih, a Catholic couple that was stoned to death and burnt by a group of Muslims in November 2014 after they were accused of blasphemy, have not been abandoned.

The Cecil Chaudhry & Iris Foundation (CICF) took charge of the children, who were between 18 months to 8 years, when they lost their parents.

Named after veteran Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot and Catholic activist Cecil Chaudhry and his wife Iris, the foundation is paying for the costs of the children’s education: school fees, books, uniforms, private lessons, public transport, etc.

Suleiman and Sonia Masih’s First Term Examination Results came out this week. Both kids did well. Suleiman got an A+ and Sonia got a B. The CICF celebrated this by buying them toys, coloring books, and sweets.

“We are overjoyed to see these children not only enjoying school but also doing so well,” said Michelle Chaudhry, daughter of Iris and Cecil Chaudhry and president of the foundation.

“We thank all our supporters whose generosity has made this possible,” she added, “especially the group members of ISWMOKB and all our friends who have enabled us to contribute towards bringing about a positive change in the lives of these unfortunate children.”

“We at the CICF strongly believe in the power of education and the fact that it is education that brings change and security.”

Lastly, “It is my conviction that education is one of the best defenses against exploitation and oppression,” the CICF president noted. “Academic empowerment is certainly the way forward for any oppressed community in an intolerant society.”

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