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ICC Note:  Al-Shabaab briefly attacked and overtook a strategic district in Somalia’s Northwest province, forcing civilian and government withdrawal.  The district is 50 miles from the capital of Mogadishu.  The terrorist militants targeted different mosques in the area, attending tarweed prayers and urging congregants to follow al-Shabaab in their quest for jihad rather than follow the government.  Al-Shabaab poses a very large threat to Christians in a country where the Church operates in secret.  The terrorist group has verbally expressed their intentions of killing Christians during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

7/5/15, Somalia (Horseed Media) – Hundreds of al-Shabaab fighters stormed a strategic district in a province northwest of the capital after the Somali government forces withdrew, residents confirmed.

Wanlaweyn, a small town in the southeastern Lower Shebelle region and some 50-miles from Mogadishu, was briefly seized by al-Shabaab militants on Saturday night.

One local resident who requested not to be named told Horseed Media that the al-Shabaab officials spoke to the residents and warned them to not support the government and AMISOM forces before leaving the town for unknown destination


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