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ICC Note: The harassment and persecution of Christian churches continues unabated in China, despite official government gloating over its ‘human rights’ record.  Please pray for those willing to take a stand for their legitimate religious freedoms.

By Rachel Ritchie and Qiao Nong


06/29/2015 China (China Aid)

Despite trying to keep a low profile by going without a name, a small house church that traces its roots back to famed Chinese church leader Watchman Nee’s Little Flock has been raided and ordered to stop meeting.

The May 24 raid in the Baiyun District of the southern city of Guangzhou only recently came to light when Ma Chao, leader of the Guangfu Church, told China Aid’s special correspondent in Hong Kong, Qiao Nong, that the 100-plus police officers and government officials who raided Guangfu Church on May 24 were also in the building to raid the other church, which was meeting on the first floor.

“Unlike us, they did not give their church a name. It is only a church meeting place,” Ma explained. “We are on the second floor; they are one the first floor.”

He said that on the day of the raid, “it seemed strange to us that so many police came that day. Now I understand that it wasn’t just us they were coming to mess with. Some came to where we were and the others went to their place. They were here to persecute two churches.”

Religious persecution has been increasing in Guangdong province. Including the Little Flock church and Guangfu Church, Royal Victory Church was forcibly evicted, a rehabilitation facility was prohibited from holding small Christian services and another church in Haidu District, Guangzhou was warned not to hold worship services.

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