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ICC Note: Boko Haram escapees continue to testify to the brainwashing that the Chibok girls are facing at the hands of their captors – girls being convinced to slit the throats of Christians and possibly carry out suicide attacks. More than 200 girls remain missing after Boko Haram stormed a government school in 2014, kidnapping scores of mostly Christian young girls. One witness said that the Chibok girls have been given special status as “teachers” told to memorize the Quran and teach others to do so. Girls face flogging if they cannot recite the Quran.

6/30/15 Nigeria (Christian Today) – The Chibok schoolgirls taken by Boko Haram last year have been “brainwashed” and are carrying out orders to kill on behalf of their captors, witnesses have claimed.

Speaking to the BBC, two women who have fled captivity by the Islamic militant group in Nigeria said they witnessed a number of the former schoolgirls committing murder.

One young woman was held by Boko Haram for six months. She managed to escape, but at just 17 years old she was forced to marry a militant and is now pregnant. She told the BBC that she met some of the girls taken from Chibok, and that they lived separately to the other captives. She described them as being “brainwashed”.

“They told us: ‘You women should learn from your husbands because they are giving their blood for the cause. We must also go to war for Allah,'” She said. She also recalled a time that the girls killed several men in her village.

“They were Christian men. They [Boko Haram militants] forced the Christians to lie down. Then the girls cut their throats.”

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