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ICC Note:  Islamist militants attacked an African Union base in Lego, Somalia, killing dozens of soldiers.  Witnesses estimate that there were around 50 bodies left dead by the terror group, noting some appeared to be beheaded.  This news comes on the same days as Islamic inspired attacks in Tunisia and France.  Terrorists often use the month of Ramadan to carry out these acts of violence, as al-Shabaab is on record of expressing its desire to kill “non-believers” during the Muslim holy month. 

6/27/15, Lego, Somalia (The Guardian) – Dozens of soldiers have been killed after Al-Shabaab overran an African Union base in Somalia, according to witnesses.

People in the village of Lego, about 62 miles north-west of the capital Mogadishu, described intense fighting on Friday which left corpses strewn on the ground. Witnesses said there were as many as 50 bodies, some of which had been decapitated, but this could not be confirmed.

Alinur Mohamed, a local elder, said: “The fighting was the heaviest ever around this area. Al-Shabaab took full control of the base and killed many soldiers.”

The military outpost had been manned by about 100 Burundian soldiers, part of the 22,000-strong African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

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