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ICC Note: Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir reportedly enjoyed no immunity from arrest in South Africa when he traveled to Johannesburg the weekend of June 13 for an African Union summit. A South African judge has suggested the government may have broken the law when it allowed Bashir to escape the country in the face of a court order to keep him there and an International Criminal Court warrant for his arrest. Bashir is wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide for arming pro-government Arab militias in Darfur who were targeting and ethnically cleansing black Sudanese. Most of these are also Christians and Bashir has expressed openly in the past about his desire to fully Arabize and Islamize Sudan.

6/24/15 South Africa (BBC) – It invited the public prosecutor to investigate if the government had broken the law by letting him leave.

He faced the possibility of arrest due to an International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant on genocide charges.

But he flew out of South Africa before the court ruled on whether the warrant should be carried out.

This was despite a court order for Mr Bashir to stay in the country while the court made a decision.

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