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ICC Note: A Christian convert from Islam and mother of 11 children has been murdered by her sister-in-law because of her faith in Christ, according to Morning Star News. Reportedly, Jafaran Wowa poisoned Namumbeiza Swabura, who complained of severe stomach pain and bled profusely from her nose leading to her death after Wowa prepared a plantain dish for her to eat. Wowa is now in hiding, but locals in Nabuli village in Uganda suspect Wowa may have been paid to kill Swabura. Swabura’s husband Mugoya Muhammad, who was formerly an Islamic teacher, says the family faces countless death threats because of their conversion to Christ.

6/24/15 Nabuli, Uganda (Morning Star News) – A mother of 11 who left Islam for Christianity was poisoned to death last week in a village in eastern Uganda, area sources said.

Namumbeiza Swabura, mother of a 5-month-old baby, died on Wednesday (June 17) in Nabuli village, Kibuku District, after her sister-in-law visited her and offered to prepare a light meal of cooked plantain called matoke for her, area sources said. Swabura and her husband, former sheikh (Islamic teacher) Mugoya Muhammad, put their faith in Christ in August 2014.

Her husband’s sister, Jafaran Wowa of Kanyolo village, visited her at 4 p.m. and after an hour prepared the dish, sources said. Wowa, who did not eat any of the dish, left soon after Swabura finished it, Muhammad learned.

Muhammad arrived soon after she finished eating to find his wife complaining of stomach pain. She told him the pain started immediately after eating the food that his sister had prepared for her, sources said.

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