Memorize the Quran, Get a Free Slave Girl in ISIS Competition

ICC Note: The Islamic State (ISIS) is offering slave girls as prizes to the winners of a Quran memorizing tournament during the Muslim holiday month of Ramadan. ISIS has kidnapped countless Christian and Yazidi girls and women, subjugating them to a life of sexual servitude and rape. Quran memorization is a common thing Muslims view as especially pious during Ramadan all around the world.

6/22/15 Syria (The Clarion Project) – In honor of the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic State launched a Quran memorization competition, with slave girls as prizes.

Ramadan is a time of year where Muslims are meant to rejuvenate their faith. Memorizing the Quran is a considered a pious and worthy thing to do and many memorization competitions are held around the world, especially during Ramadan.

It is believed to be the month during which Mohammed received the Quran (specifically on ‘The Night of Power’). Reading the Quran during Ramadan is strongly encouraged.

The Islamic State put out the following notice advertising the competition in Al-Barakah province in Syria. Links to the chapters of the Quran that have been chosen for the competition are provided (the translation is the Sahih International version). The chapters selected by the Islamic State include some of the most warlike passages in the entire Quran.

Jihadists also consider Ramadan to be the optimal month for Jihad.

Last year the Islamic State proclaimed a Caliphate on the first day of Ramadan.

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